3 Days to Vegas: Members to get an update on legal issues

One of the most important roles the Fantasy Sports Trade Association champions on behalf of its members is to maintain the game’s status as legal and non-gambling. The FSTA advocates for its members and the nearly 41 million players in the U.S. and Canada. That effort continues.

4 Days to Vegas: FSTA People: A new Ace in the daily space sees the growth potential at FSTA

Even as Derek Harper and his development team prepare to launch Daily Ace, the latest entrant into fantasy sports’ rapidly-growing daily game space, he sees the success of companies like Draft Kings and Fan Duel as helping to lead growth for the whole industry.

5 Days to Vegas: FSTA people: finds the right connection in the FSTA

Yards gained and passes completed are just numbers, but Websites such as give them meaning. With the explosive growth of daily fantasy football games, those numbers from are helping players gain a competitive edge, and helping fantasy game providers deliver superior services to their players.

6 Days to Vegas: Make Facebook part of your fantasy business team

Fantasy sports players understand the value of online connections, and there’s no bigger place to connect with fantasy players than Facebook. The key is to learn how best to use Facebook to find, capture and retain current and future players.

7 Days to Vegas: Connecting player passion to retail opportunities

Fantasy players are passionate about their game, and the day their passion reaches its peak is Draft Day. When national and local restaurant chains who already have a sports theme realized these players would gravitate toward a place where fantasy players were welcome, and that they’d probably be hungry and thirsty when they got there, a new revenue stream was born.

8 Days to Vegas: The next generation in fantasy sports gaming

Fantasy sports has grown beyond the data and the statistics and the Yoo-Hoo showers to become a big industry. And it’s about to get bigger.

9 Days to Vegas: A bold look at the future of daily fantasy games

The growth in fantasy sports in the past few years has been driven by the rise in the daily game. Rather than one team and one season, daily games allow players to take a new team every day or every week and shape their own fortunes. The daily fantasy games already have revolutionized the fantasy sports industry, and we’ve just started to peek at what’s to come.

10 Days to Vegas: Making your elevator pitch

Can you revolutionize the fantasy sports industry in three minutes or less? You’ll get your chance at the 2015 Fantasy Sports Trade association Winter Conference Jan. 16 at the Bellagio in Las Ve

13 Days to Vegas: The next generation of fantasy statistics

Until the 1980s when Rotisserie Baseball was born, no one had ever heard of the WHIP. Now this calculation of hits and walks per inning by a pitcher is a standard measurement not just for the fantasy player, but for all of baseball.

Fantasy Sports Services One Of The Best Industries for Starting a Business in 2015

Fantasy sports, is growing rapidly thanks to skyrocketing interest in fantasy sports and the growing number of broadband and mobile connections. Estimated to be a $1.4 billion market, the sector also benefits from growing advertising spending and an overall increase in sports viewership.