Why did the Association change?

The rules of the road for sports entertainment in the U.S. have changed. Membership wants to take advantage of the new opportunities and markets that will arise as many U.S. states enable sports betting and other paid contests. The association wants to allow its members to network with the dealmakers in these new markets and to collectively work to ensure that the new laws allow members to compete.

Are we treating fantasy sports as gambling now?

Not at all. Fantasy sports contests are not gambling under the laws in the vast majority of states. They are considered games of skill. The FSGA is going to work hard to maintain that distinction so that fantasy sports contests don't get lumped in with sports betting. Fantasy sports needs rules that have lower taxes, fees, and less regulation than gambling products.

What are the FSGA’s goals for the new sports betting markets?

* The FSGA maintains fantasy sports are games of skill
* The FSGA is for open markets for regulated fantasy sports, sports betting and gaming
* The FSGA is for taxes and fee structures that work for companies of all sizes
* The FSGA is for companies to be able to offer products, games, and contests online

What are the mission and vision statements for the FSGA?

VISION: Connecting fans to the sports they love.
MISSION: To support fantasy sports, sports gaming, and new forms of fan engagement.

Why "gaming?" Isn't this just "sports betting?"

The FSGA is focused on all the new markets emerging in sports: sports betting, eSports, and non-sports skill contests.

Is the FSGA competing with the American Gaming Association (AGA)?

No, the AGA represents the casino industry. The FSGA is focused on fantasy sports and gaming entertainment.

Is the FSGA expecting sports betting to marginalize fantasy and that's why it’s doing this?

No. Fantasy sports will be helped by the legalization of sports betting and, as was seen in the 2018 FSTA-Ipsos study, there’s tremendous overlap between the two. The expansion of the association’s focus will offer a welcome new forum for companies that offer games, services, analytics, and content for both legal contests of skill and sports gaming. This will provide an opportunity for the FSGA to evolve and grow by allowing new companies, from a broader scope, to join the association. Therefore, it will give current members the ability to stay informed, learn, connect, network, and grow within this expanding marketplace, as well as shape the narrative. There are tremendous gameplay similarities, shared vendors, shared customers, and shared legal goals between the industries.

How can I get involved?

The FSGA welcomes all volunteers, especially as an outreach program is initiated to attract new member organizations. Please contact FSGA Executive Director Tony Veroeven at tveroeven@thefsga.org for more information.