FSGA Elevator Pitch

About The Elevator Pitch

The FSGA Elevator Pitch is a contest for up-and-coming fantasy and sports gaming businesses and those that have a revolutionary product/service that would like the chance to pitch their innovative idea to a crowd of industry leaders at the FSGA conference.

Rules & Regulations
  • Each presenter is given three (3) minutes to present. While not required, a computer with PowerPoint will be made available and entrants may bring their presentation on a USB flash drive to the conference. Please note that video is not permitted.
  • Entrant must be an active FSGA member.
  • Entrant must be a new company or have a new product.
  • Everyone in attendance will vote for their favorite pitch and at the end of the conference, the winner will be announced.

How To Enroll

When you go to register for the conference, simply check the box near the bottom of the registration form: ‘Enroll me to present Elevator Pitch.’

If at any point you decide you’d like to enroll in the Elevator Pitch after you have submitted your conference registration form, please send an email to: epetersen@thefsga.org saying you’d like to enroll


Congratulations to the 2020 Winter Conference Elevator Pitch Winner!

FanLabel LLC

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EV Analytics
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