16 Days to NYC: Research Reveals the Role of Mobile in Fantasy Sports

Every fantasy player has a smart phone, or so it would seem. Every fantasy player has instant access 24/7 to all the data in sports. Or so it is assumed.

17 Days to NYC: Elevator Pitches, and the First FSTA ‘Shark Tank’

The most exciting two minutes in sports is the Kentucky Derby. The most exciting three minutes in fantasy sports is the Elevator Pitch, where fantasy sports entrepreneurs get to showcase their ideas in front of the attendees at the 2015 FSTA Summer Conference in New York City.

18 Days to NYC: FSTA Executive Director, Meg Van Petten on Conference Benefits for New Members

FSTA Executive Director, Meg Van Petten talks about how new members can best benefit from the Summer Conference. As Executive Director of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, Meg Van Petten oversees one of the fastest-growing industry trade associations in the U.S. She talks about her role in the event and how new members and attendees can best benefit from the two-day event in New York City.

19 Days to NYC: DreamCo Design’s Jay Correia On the Value of the Summer Conference Sponsorship

Jay Correia is the owner and senior consultant of DreamCo Design in West Dundee, IL. He has developed Websites, marketing solutions, and print material for a broad range of customers for more a decade. He talks about the value of the FSTA Summer Conference.

20 Days to NYC: FSTA FAST FACT-Who Doesn’t Play Fantasy Sports, and Why?

While 41 million people in North America over the age of 12 play fantasy sports, that still leaves about 300 million people who surely would play if they knew more about the games. That’s one conclusion of the 2014 FSTA industry survey. Among those interviewed were people who did not play fantasy sports, only 4% were familiar with fantasy sports and how the games were scored and played.

21 Days to NYC: RealTime Fantasy Sports; Mark Hanna on the FSTA Conference

RealTime Fantasy Sports, a sponsor of the 2015 FSTA Summer Conference, delivers a comprehensive daily fantasy sports experience, with games in baseball, football, basketball and hockey, as well as season-long fantasy leagues. Ahead of this year’s event, Mark Hanna, president of RealTime Fantasy Sports, discussed how the FSTA Summer Conference continues to deliver value to […]

22 Days to NYC: The Value of Affiliate Programs for DFS

As daily fantasy sports continues to grow, companies building a niche in this space can turn to affiliate programs to help accelerate that growth. But how do you find the right program, and how to you ensure you take full advantage of the programs?

24 Days to NYC: Fantasy Sports and Broadcasting: The New World of Statistics

Before Rotisserie Baseball emerged in the 1980s, no one knew about the statistic WHIP (Walks and Hits per Innings Pitched). Now it is a standard part of every statistical presentation during television broadcasts. Baseball terms such as WAR, and OBP and football data such as yards after contact once were for only the front office executive. Today that data is widely used in all aspects of fantasy sports.

25 Days to NYC: The Legal Issues in Fantasy Sports

So far, 2015 has been an important year for fantasy sports from a legal and legislative aspect, and the 2015 Fantasy Sports Trade association Summer Conference will provide attendees with an update of these issues.

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