22 Days to NYC: The Value of Affiliate Programs for DFS

As daily fantasy sports continues to grow, companies building a niche in this space can turn to affiliate programs to help accelerate that growth. But how do you find the right program, and how to you ensure you take full advantage of the programs?

24 Days to NYC: Fantasy Sports and Broadcasting: The New World of Statistics

Before Rotisserie Baseball emerged in the 1980s, no one knew about the statistic WHIP (Walks and Hits per Innings Pitched). Now it is a standard part of every statistical presentation during television broadcasts. Baseball terms such as WAR, and OBP and football data such as yards after contact once were for only the front office executive. Today that data is widely used in all aspects of fantasy sports.

25 Days to NYC: The Legal Issues in Fantasy Sports

So far, 2015 has been an important year for fantasy sports from a legal and legislative aspect, and the 2015 Fantasy Sports Trade association Summer Conference will provide attendees with an update of these issues.

Partnering with Fantasy Alarm

Things are moving fast at Fantasy Alarm. Adapt or die is our motto. Brand new membership product focused on daily fantasy sports. Traffic increasing at a higher rate than we anticipated. Producing more content than any other fantasy sports site for the big three sports. Developing real-time tools that use new statistics to give fantasy players an edge.

26 Days to NYC: FSTA FAST FACT: The explosive growth of fantasy football.

Fantasy football is by far the most popular fantasy sport, and it continues to find new fans each year. Research by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association finds that the growth of fantasy football among players ages 12 and older has continued at a rapid pace in the past five years.

28 Days to NYC: The FSTA comes to the Big Apple

With Times Square as its backdrop, the 2015 Fantasy Sports Trade Association’s annual Summer Conference heads to New York City to help industry leaders gain further insight from each other and some of the top fantasy sports minds in America.

FanDuel Hires the Majority of Zynga’s Recently Discarded Sports Division

Nearly all of the 40-plus employees who spent the past year working on sports games at Zynga have found a new team – fantasy sports company FanDuel.

70% of Louisiana Residents Support Legalizing Fantasy Sports

A large majority of Louisianians (70 percent) support the full legalization of fantasy sports in the state, according to a poll conducted by international research firm Ipsos for the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

Member Meet Up Review

The first Fantasy Sports Trade Association Member Meetup on May 1 at Wrigley Field in Chicago set the standard for future FSTA events around the country, combining blue skies, great camaraderie and a Chicago Cubs victory!

Yahoo: Daily Fantasy Sports The $1 Billion Call Option

Yahoo’s entry into the daily fantasy sports vertical is a natural extension of its fantasy sports business, which has traditionally hosted season-long fantasy games. Judging by the growth of FanDuels and DraftKings, each valued at $1b, it is expected that Yahoo’s fantasy sports to be as equally successful as the leading players, given YHOO’s longer operating history and user base.