Member Profile: Meet Kevin Vela

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Say hello toKevin,our first Member Spotlight volunteer! Kevin has a passion for fantasy sports, particularly fantasy baseball. Learn more about him and his involvement in the industry:

Member Profile Kevin VelaName:Kevin Vela


Company:Vela Wood PC

Location: Dallas, TX

Tellus about yourself and your organization!

Vela Wood is a boutique law firm with offices in Dallas and Austin. Our focus is startups, venture financing, corporate M&A, and commercial real estate.

Howdid you get your start in the fantasy sports industry?

Westarted in tangent industriesamusement machines, bingo halls, and virtual gaming. DFS was a natural progression for us, and an industry we love working with.

Howmany years has your organization been in business?

Eight years.

Whatmade you decide to join FSTA?

To get more involved in DFS and to advocate for its adoption nationwide.

Whatare you looking to get out of your membership with FSTA?

Tomeet with others in the industry, and to share our legal knowledge and passion for DFS and startups.

Wheredo you see the greatest opportunity for growth in the industry?

Nationwide regulation.

Finally, what’s your favorite fantasy sport?

Baseball – I’ve been in a continuing Scoresheet league for nearly 20 years.

Thanks for sharing, Kevin! We’ll see you soon at the FSTA 2016 Summer Conference.

To learn more about Vela Wood, visit their listing in the FSTA Buyer’s Guide.

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