iBETcha Gives Fans a $50k ‘Second Chance’ at NCAA basketball glory with ‘Buzzer Beater’ iBet Challenge

By Will Mossa,    Member News

March 31, 2021

iBETcha Gives Fans a $50k ‘Second Chance’ at
NCAA basketball glory with ‘Buzzer Beater’ iBet Challenge

$25,000 top prize for one winner if there’s
a ‘buzzer beater’ to end either Men’s or Women’s NCAA tournament.
iBETcha’s new app allows users to wager ‘iBits’ on anything, anywhere, any time.

BOSTON, MA – iBETcha announced today the company will launch its new peer-to-peer betting app by awarding up to $50,000 in cash prizes if there is a ‘buzzer beater’ finish for either the 2021 NCAA Men’s or Women’s basketball finals.

Qualified entrants using the iBETCha app will be chosen at random for a chance to win the ‘Buzzer Beater iBet Challenge.’ Players in the entry pool must place an iBet on their chosen Men’s or Women’s NCAA Finals winner by correctly calling a ‘buzzer beater’ – or a winning shot in the final three seconds of the game.

The iBETcha app is a pioneering social wagering platform that enables users to enjoy the excitement of betting on anything, anywhere, at any time: between friends; with other users worldwide; or against iBETcha ‘The House.’

“March Madness is the most exciting three weeks of sporting activity in America. But millions of people suffered busted brackets almost immediately after the tournament started,” said iBETcha Founder John Ricci. “This was a banner year for major upsets, so a lot of people are wishing they had a second chance. That’s what the ‘Buzzer Beater iBet Challenge’ is all about.”

Users can enter the iBETcha ‘Buzzer Beater iBet Challenge’ via the iBETcha app – which is available in BETA version on the Apple app store. Or go to iBETcha.io to learn more about this game-changing breakthrough in social wagering. Entries are due no later than 6 p.m. on Sunday, April 4 for the NCAA Women’s and 9 p.m. April 5 for the Men’s.

From picking winners in major sports competitions to proposition in-game wagers, parlays and custom iBets – users enjoy all of the excitement and thrill of big-time betting in a non-cash environment that uses iBits as in-game currency.

iBETcha Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Boston, Mass., that has entered its first round of fundraising. It was founded in October 2020. The in-app ‘social betting’ experience merges the excitement of real-time wagering and daily fantasy sports with the viral appeal of popular smart-phone gaming and social media-based games, with localized rewards. The exclusive BETA version is available now on the Apple app store.

The total award pool for iBETcha’s ‘Buzzer Beater iBet Challenge’ is worth well over $50,000 with entrants that miss out on the big chances at $25,000 still eligible for other premiums, awards and prizes. Among more the prizes up for grabs in the iBETcha contest are:

• A round trip ticket to Las Vegas on Greyhound from anywhere in the continental U.S. and a Starbucks gift card.
• 8×10 original Chuck Norris signed photo (made out to ‘Sheila’); Birddogs Shorts; L.L. Bean socks; an ‘Ellen’ mug; a set of steak knives; and more.
• A complete Mission Cooling ensemble for Athletes that need cooling

“Big-time wagering isn’t just about money. It’s about thrill-seeking, excitement and the high-roller lifestyle,” said Ricci. “We are delivering on all of that with the most dynamic and fast-paced wagering experience possible. It’s life, and we have gamified it.”

About iBETcha

iBETcha is the peer-to-peer social gambling app that enables users to enjoy the excitement of big-time wagering in a non-cash environment using iBits as the in-app currency. You no longer have to pay to win, with iBETcha, you play to win.