FSGA statement in opposition to proposed Florida fantasy sports legislation

By Will Mossa,    FSGA Press Releases, Industry News

May 17, 2021
Contact: Michael Fiez
(608) 310-7547 – media@thefsga.org

FSGA statement in opposition to proposed Florida fantasy sports legislation

The Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association (FSGA) strongly opposes the current fantasy sports legislation proposed in Florida as it will eliminate paid fantasy sports contests that millions of Floridians enjoy today.

Senate Bill 16-A and House Bill 9A both contain clauses that are designed not to help the fantasy sports industry, but instead to place significant roadblocks for any operator, whether small or large, to offer contests in the state. Additionally, House Bill 11A requires an initial license application fee of $1 million, which would be 10 times larger than any other state license fee, and more than almost all current operators could afford, even for the large size of the Florida market. House Bill 9A mandates the use of at least seven athletes in five different events, an onerous requirement not seen in any other fantasy sports law and one that wouldn’t work with most contests offered across the country.

While the FSGA appreciates many of the consumer protection measures that are included in these bills, and has advocated for a law in Florida that confirms the legality of fantasy sports, the FSGA cannot support these bills without significant improvements. We ask that our member companies and millions of fantasy sports enthusiasts contact their legislators in Florida to let them know that their ability to play paid fantasy sports contests is in serious jeopardy.

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