2016 FSTA Board of Directors Election Results

By Will Mossa,    BOD

FSTA is excited to announce the addition of Greg Ambrosius, Thomas Knapp, Guy Lake, Rob Pythian, Digger Turnbull, and Rick Wolf to its Board of Directors.

“I’m ecstatic about the energy these individuals will bring to our board, ” says Megan Van Petten, FSTA Executive Director. “Their participation will enhance our footprint within the community, increase our impact and inspire more innovation.

To fill these open slots, FTSTA solicited nominations and opened elections up to members. The results from the elections are in and FSTA welcomes the following new directors:

Elected to a three-year term: 2016-2019

  • Greg Ambrosius // STATS LLC // Director of Consumer Fantasy Games
  • Thomas Knapp // CBS Sports Digital // VP, Business & Legal Affairs
  • Guy Lake // Yahoo // Product Director
  • Rob Phythian // SportsHub Technologies, LLC // CEO
  • Digger Turnbull // XML Team Solutions, LLC // Director, Business Development
  • Rick Wolf // Full Moon Sports Solutions // President

Thank you to all the members who took the time to make a nomination, participate as a candidate or cast a vote for a very talented set of nominees.