Member Profile: Meet Cody Haugen

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Say hello to Cody Haugen, this month’s Member Spotlight volunteer! Codyhas a passion for fantasy sports, particularly fantasy football and is an avid Packers fan. Learn more about him and his involvement in the industry:

Name:Cody Haugen

Title: Sales and Operations Manager, US



Tellus about yourself and your organization!

I’m the Sales and Operations Manager, US at Sportradar. I focus on developing and growing the sales team and programs — while working with companies in Fantasy Sports, Digital Signage, and Media.

Sportradar is the leading provider of sports data and information globally. We’ve developed the industry’s most proficient software, distributing content and data that is easy to consume while setting new standards for speed and accuracy. Leading companies in sports and digital media relying on Sportradar for innovative content, comprehensive applications and product development. We are lucky to have a U.S. Advisory Board that includes Ted Leonsis, Mark Cuban and Michael Jordan.

Howdid you get your start in the fantasy sports industry?

One of our co-founder’s was a founding member of FSTA. This organization quickly became the cornerstone of the fantasy market and that involvement in FSTA played a big role in our company. It led to our joining the Fantasy boom.

Howmany years has your organization been in business?

Six years. It’s been an exciting ride with tremendous growth.

Whatmade you decide to join FSTA?

FSTA has been a great decision for us. A large number of our customers are from the fantasy market, and also in the start up space. FSTA specifically helped us facilitate and build these relationships. It’s a great opportunity to get that face-to-face time with our current customers and with all of these prospective customers.

Whatare you looking to get out of your membership with FSTA?

We’re looking to be a strong supporter, in hopes to stabilize the fantasy market, as well as, cultivate future partnerships and continued network with current and prospective clients.

Wheredo you see the greatest opportunity for growth in the industry?

A great chance to grow within the fantasy industry would be any new spinoffs from the traditional fantasy game. We are also very bullish on eSports. Sportradar recently launched the industry’s first data API for eSports.

Finally, what’s your favorite fantasy sport?

Fantasy football. I try and get as many Green Bay Packers on my team as possible!

Thanks for sharing, Cody! We hope to see you at the FSTA 2017Winter Conference.

To learn even more about Sportradar, visit their listing in the FSTA Buyer’s Guide.

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