Fantasy Sports Trade Association Rebranding To Include Gambling

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From Sports Business Daily

By Eric Fisher

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association is renaming itself to the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association, a change in both identity and organizational focus brought about by the arrival of legalized sports wagering around the country. The change, taking effect formally in April, will see the industry trade group expand its BOD by an undetermined number to include execs from sports betting companies. FSTA execs are targeting a doubling in its number of member companies from the current 150 over the next 18 months. Prior FSTA research found a strong correlation between fantasy activity and sports wagering, one that has only strengthened since actual betting has started in several states following last spring’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling. “This shift is really tied to the remarkable crossover between fantasy players and sports bettors,” said FSTA President Paul Charchian. “And with that strong crossover, we believe there is a lot we can do together and that this is a natural evolution for us.” The change was formally unveiled this morning at the FSTA’s winter conference in Tampa. The first event for the newly christened FSGA will be in June in N.Y. A new organization logo also will be completed for the formal transition in the spring. The FSTA’s move was aided by a group of five sports wagering execs: CEO Charles Gillespie, U.S. Integrity President Matt Holt, Chalkline Sports CEO Daniel Kustelski, KM iGaming CEO Keith McDonnell and VSiN Founder & Chair Brian Musburger.

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