2016 FSTA Board of Directors Nominees

By Will Mossa,    BOD

Greg Ambrosius
Director of Consumer Fantasy Games

I began my career in the fantasy sports industry in 1989 as the editor of Fantasy Baseball Magazine, the industry’s first national newsstand publication. I was the editor of that magazine for 22 years. I also was a Founding Member of the Fantasy Sports Players Association (now FSTA) and was Chairman from 2000-03 and President from 2003-08. I also was the President of the Fantasy Sports Association (FSA) from 2009-10 and have been a board member with the FSTA since 2013. I also was the founder of the National Fantasy Baseball, Football and Basketball Championships, which are the industry’s leading high-stakes fantasy contests. We have awarded more than $31 million in prize money since 2004 among all of our contests. I also founded the Fantasy Sports Trade Conference in 2000 and was the first person elected to both the Fantasy Sports Trade Association Hall of Fame (2001) and the Fantasy Sports Writers Association Hall of Fame (2011).

Right now I am the head of the Research Committee with the FSTA and I’m on the Membership Committee. Surveys were a huge part of the FSTA’s growth starting in 2004 and I began working with Ipsos that year for our first incidence survey. We began tracking the size of the fantasy sports audience in 2004 — it was 15 million adult Americans back then — and it’s been fun to see the growth as this last year there were over 58 million fantasy players between the U.S. and Canada. I enjoy working with Ipsos and broadening things that we are doing with them. Hopefully we can do a consumer buying comparison between fantasy players, sports fans and the average American in the next year. As for the Membership Committee, it’s great working with Rick Wolf on that committee and seeing our numbers rise to more than 300 companies in the FSTA. I think we have some great ideas to grow our membership and I look forward to working there if I’m re-elected to the board.

Brian Baldinger
Chairman, Fantasy Sports Advisory Committee

ClickStream Corporation, developers of the proprietary Fantasy Sports technology “DraftClick “, would like to recommend the Chairman of our Fantasy Sports Advisory Committee, Brian Baldinger, as a Board Member of FSTA.

Brian has been involved in professional football, as a player and current NFL analyst (for the past six years) since his graduation from Duke University in 1982.

From 1982-1987 Brian played for the Dallas Cowboys, followed by stints with the Indianapolis Colts and Philadelphia Eagles until 1994.

At that time he became a broadcaster for Nadia Communications and Comcast Sports (which he still does). In 1997 he became a football analyst for Fox Sports NFL/COLLEGE(which he still does) and from 2008 to present he also serves as an analyst for Compass Media Networks. He is also currently and NFL analyst for the NFL Network and has been since 2005.

Brian was also an NFL preseason analyst for the Baltimore Ravens (1998-1999); Minnesota Vikings (2002-2005); Atlanta Falcons (2005-2009) and Philadelphia Eagles (2011-2014). As if he wasn’t busy enough, Brian was also the coach of the Bergamo Lions of Bergamo, Italy in 2010 and authored the book “The Path To Clear Messages “. He is also the owner of Football Stories Magazine since 2005.

I hope that you agree that Brian’s background over many, many years makes him an ideal candidate for a position on the FSTA Board. We hope you will give him the consideration that his outstanding career deserves.

As a member of the ClickStream team, with his extensive knowledge and support of Fantasy Sports, Brian is both an incredible asset to our Company, and the world of Fantasy Sports, in general.

I am honored to submit my interests and qualifications for the board of FSTA.

I have been involved in the world of sports for the past 30 years.
As a former NFL player and now an on air announcer for NFL Network

I have been able to meet all the owners and executives of the other
major sports leagues. I am invited to speak at many functions around the country set up by major corporations. I also speak at many charity functions that help underprivileged young children. My interests are quite diversified, as I really enjoy reading, and i have travelled to more than 30 countries. I have written a few books and really enjoy speaking to young children about doing the right things even under hardship as they grow up.

I feel I would be an excellent ambassador for The Fantasy Sports Trade Association and will do an excellent job. Thank you for your consideration.


Joe Brennan
Fast Fantasy
Founder & CEO

Joe is the co-founder of Fast Fantasy, an innovative startup in the fantasy sports industry. He was also Director of the Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association (iMEGA), Director of Strategy for America Online, Inc. (AOL) and Senior Editor/Manager of Internet Promotions and e-Commerce at Nextel (now part of Sprint). He has developed online strategies and campaigns for Sirius, Time, CNN, Warner Brothers and People Magazine, as well as the NFL, NBA, NASCAR and Major League Baseball.

Since 2006, Joe has been a leader in the passage of legislation to legalize and regulate iGaming and sports gaming in the US at both the state and federal level, culminating in the authorship of the 2013 New Jersey iGaming and Sports Wagering laws. He continues to consultant with regulators and legislators specializing in iGaming and sports gaming politics.

Michael Brooks
Fantech Software Inc.
Director of Business Development and Production

Michael Brooks’ obsession with sports gaming began in 1987, when he began running March Madness and NFL picks pools while still in the 9th grade.

Many years later, Michael’s experiences include 20 years of gaming industry work with the last 10 focusing on gaming software development and operations. He has designed a multitude of innovative Casino and Sports software games, interfaces and features, and has a keen eye for product interactivity. Michael is highly focused on developing and utilizing sports and gaming software to it’s full potential. Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Daily Fantasy Sports table, being both a domain expert as well as a tested nuts-and-bolts manager.

Michael prides himself on strong family values, his skill at the poker table and in the kitchen, and his determined-but-still-mediocre golf game.


  • B.Sc. Broadcast Journalism University of Colorado / Boulder 1994
  • 3 years experience sports broadcast writing / hosting
  • 10 years online sports software product management and project management
  • 2 years fantasy sports product design / management / development

Jay Correia
DreamCo Design
CEO & Sr. Consultant

Jay Correia is the CEO & Sr. Consultant for DreamCo Design.

Over the last 5 years, DreamCo Design has been an integral member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. Their company has completed numerous projects for FSTA members, including integration work for SportRadar, SportsDirect, STATS, XML Team, RotoGrinders, TSEVEO/GambleID, and RotoWire.

Jay Correia was also involved with some of the earliest start-ups in daily fantasy sports. His team was responsible for the design, development, and marketing for FanThrowdown (now part of DraftDay.com) and his team helped facilitate some of the earliest mergers and acquisitions in DFS, including work for MGT Capital Investments, the industry’s first publicly traded company.

Since then, Mr. Correia and his company have gone on to develop numerous projects for 2nd and 3rd generation operators, as well as other FSTA members who offer news, tools, season-long offerings, and more.

With the legal issues that currently face fantasy sports, Mr. Correia has taken charge with helping defend the fantasy sports industry by writing the book, “Daily Fantasy Sports”, which is scheduled for Q1 2016 release. Mr. Correia is a passionate, vocal, and articulate business leader that is excited to face the challenges the fantasy sports industry is currently facing. He opposes heavy regulation, licensing fees, and the notion that fantasy sports is nothing more than gambling.

Let’s work together to defend our industry and help grow the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

  • Founder & Owner of DreamCo Design LLC
  • Consultant for the FSTA Board (social media & web)
  • Referred hundreds-of-thousands in business to FSTA members
  • Published Author of “Daily Fantasy Sports ” the book
  • Outspoken free-market principled business owner
  • FanZcall Media, INC. (fantasy sports) Advisory Board Member
  • Jeffrey, David, & Marshall Inc. Board Member
  • Pilot, Outdoor Enthusiast, & life-long New England Sports Fan

Barry Gipson
Game Changers LLC

As an active duty Navy member approaching retirement, I have served for over 22 years and my goal is to now contribute to the forward progression of the fantasy sports industry. Having recently attended my first FSTA conference in Dallas this year I am extremely excited to be apart of an industry I truly have passion for. Having played fantasy sports for over 6 years I am fan, and potential industry driver in the long term.

I currently reside in WA state, and have stayed abreast the movement of the industry from a legal standpoint by attending hearings here in the state. I became a member of the FSTA last year with the goal of networking with industry members and learning how I can contribute in any capacity.

Click link to see story of my attendance at WA state gambling commission hearing.

Ultimately I started my company Game Changers LLC to open a sports bar with a fantasy sports concept to keep me busy after military retirement with veterans who love fantasy sports in my community. I discovered the FSTA while doing research on demographics of the typical fantasy player while building my business plan for my bar. I became a member because I understood the value of what this organization could do for me as a business owner and the ability to network with like minded professionals.

In closing I am thankful to be apart of this association and look forward to moving our industry along in any capacity that I can. Having read when the announcement for winners would be published, and the ensuing conference call I would like to disclose that I will be on my last short deployment of 30 days during that time and will not be able to participate, or informed, as I will be in an isolated area with minimal communications. I will provide additional contact info so that it may be relayed to me.

Military Outreach point of contact. I envision that serving on the Board of Directors will enable me to establish more industry credibility with the military community, and attract those small business’s that are veteran owned and operated like mine. Becoming the face and leader for those in need of direction within the industry here within WA state.

From a legal standpoint I reside in one of the 5 states that currently do not allow, or have not allowed any daily fantasy opportunities in the past.  I can devote “boots on ground” support in the physical as apart of the FSTA to encourage leaders here in the state to continue to progress those opportunities. With my military and industry background I can coordinate and organize an lobbying efforts to help shape and influence those in position to effect our industry.

Although I am historically not uniquely qualified, I bring a new perspective and approach from the little guy’s perspective. To help influence and shape our industry within WA state is my overall goal. In the event I am not elected, I would still continue to do the aforementioned efforts in the name of our industry.

Thank you for this opportunity and look forward to seeing you all in NY this summer

Jeff Green
Daily Fantasy Cricket
Co-Founder and CEO

An outside of the box thinker, Jeff Greenhas been playing fantasy baseball since 1988, where he sat in on his Dad’s law firm’s rotisserie draft. He begged his Dad to pay 32 beans for Jose Canseco – and the 40/40 season paid off!

Jeff is the Founder and CEO of Daily Fantasy Cricket, the first FantasyCricket website in the USA, and the first DFS Cricket website in the world. Jeff is also the Co-Founder of BeInstrumental, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing all children with access to music education. Jeff successfully spearheaded a successful campaign to win $50,000 from the Pepsi Refresh Project. Eight years later, the organization has benefit the lives of over 500 children in Ohio and Michigan.

Prior to starting his two organizations, Jeff held positions managing the sales and marketing for regional B2B service providers – where he became known as the first person within the industry to use social media channels to grow sales – and with a global supply chain provider where he successfully sold contracts to C-Level executives of Fortune 50 companies.

Jeff has a degree in Advertising from Michigan State University and earned an MBA in International Marketing and Management. He can be found on Twitter @Jeffrey_Green and @DailyFantasyGuy.

I would be an asset the FSTA Board of Directors because of my passion and enthusiasm for the industry as well as my experience outside of the fantasy sports sector. Not only am I the founder of Daily Fantasy Cricket (DFC), the first Fantasy Cricket website in the USA, and the first pay-to-play DFS cricket site in the world. I am the founder of BeInstrumental, a 501(c)(3) organization, dedicated to providing all children with access to musical education. Additionally, I have trade association experience, having previously served on several committees with NAID – the National Association for Information Destruction.

At the previous FSTA conference in Dallas, it was recognized that 40 of the 400 attendees were from countries outside of the United States. While, I realize that we – as an industry – are dedicated to ensure the proper regulation of fantasy sports within our country, I recognize the opportunity to begin to expand our reach, globally.

With my experience operating DFC out of Chennai, India for the past three years, I have developed a keen awarenessof global trend-spotting. I am also committed to advancing our mission and determining legal status of DFS throughout the rest of the world. I have the team in place to do this.

Advancing the cause of the FSTA globally is not unlike my part in helping grow NAID around the world. I see similarities between NAID and the FSTA, which would only benefit the organization.

…Oh, and here is my fantasy baseball lineup – pre-draft – in advanced prospect/keeper league with multi-year contracts:

  • 1B – Goldschmdt
  • 2B – Altuve
  • 3B – Bryant
  • OF – Harper
  • OF – Trout
  • OF – Myers
  • SP – S Gray
  • RP – Giles
  • RP – Jansen

… This lineup shows my ability to set a vision several years in advance. I’d love to work with the FSTA team to advance our cause.

Rafael Groswirt
No Limit Fantasy Sports, LLC

Lifelong telecom and software development entrepreneur. Developed an ad based DFS game as well as a set of head-to-head statistical contest games. Our game is www.nlfantasysports.com .

We will do everything needed to protect our industry.

Andrew Happle
Director of Marketing and Community Development

Andrew has worked faithfully with SportsBeep since its inception. He has an acute awareness of practice development and very very familiar with the fantasy sports trade association bylaws he’s a admin fan of the industry and its progression that it’s making on the industry.

Community developer and marketing manager for SportsBeep, FSTA member.

Joel Kandy
qbeats inc
Head Sales and Business Development – Sports

Senior leader with 20 years experience in information technology producing innovative business solutions. Played strategic leadership roles in enterprise and consulting environments inclusive of complex matrix management of global teams. Proficient in resource optimization, product lifecycle management, technology, and strategic planning for startup companies and Fortune 100 companies spanning diverse industries. Effectively develops relationships and partners with business leadership to successfully implement business strategies. Graduate of Israeli Defense Force™s well-known computer division called Mamram, serving in the Israeli Intelligence Counter Terrorism Unit as a Senior and Lead project manager. Recognized for ability to lead teams in developing new products to achieve positive outcomes, enabling substantial market share growth. Results driven and diplomatic professional able to work effectively in teams or independently to meet and exceed business as well as customer needs.

I have been tasked at qbeats to break through the Sports industry by brining our unique technology to all segments. I am a big thinker and the head of business development for qbeats. I am a avid entrepreneur and have created three companies in three different industries. qbeats is truly changing the content world and there is nothing i would like more than to bring it to the Fantasy Sports world. We are already creating strides within the industry that allow us to make everyone to understand that content is important and there is value associated with it.

What i bring to the table:

  • An unbelievable network across multiple industries and Fortune 500 companies.
  • Ability to promote the FSTA in multiple sub verticals across the Sports industry because of what my job entails.
  • Motivated to propel the industry, achieve industry goals and work as a team to raise awareness for fantasy sports.
  • Share my time and resources to help make the fantasy sports industry even better.

Thomas Knapp
CBS Sports Digital
VP, Business & Legal Affairs

Thomas Knapp currently serves as Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs for CBS Sports Digital, the digital sports media division of CBS Digital Media and operator of CBSSports.com, SportsLine.com, Maxpreps.com and 247Sports.com.

Prior to joining CBS, Thomas was the Deputy General Counsel at SportsLine.com, operator of CBS SportsLine.com, NFL.com and PGATOUR.com.

Thomas is an avid fantasy sports player and serves on the Board of Directors of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

Thomas is a frequent speaker on business and legal issues affecting the fantasy sports industry.

Thomas earned his J.D. from the Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, MA. He attended Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, CT and majored in Political Science.

Thomas is licensed to practice law in Florida, New York and Massachusetts and is a member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, the Sports Lawyers Association, the Entertainment Arts & Sports Law Section of the Florida Bar, the Business Law Section of the Florida Bar and the American Bar Association.

I am interested in ensuring the development and growth of fantasy sports for all of the stakeholders in the industry. The game created by the fans for the fans has faced many issues over its first wave of growth since the game migrated to the Internet at the end of the last century. The emergence of Daily Fantasy Sports in this century’s first decade has triggered a second wave of expansion that gives rise to a new set of challenges.

I have dedicated the bulk of my career involved in the guidance of fantasy sports through uncharted waters. I analyzed the legal and regulatory issues in connection with offering one of the first season long entry fee/prize game. I negotiated some of the first strategic fantasy sports relationships with professional sports leagues and associations that helped establish fantasy sports legitimacy. I managed the legal action between CBS Interactive and the NFL Players Association that resolved the issue of the use of player names and playing statistics in fantasy sports games. I introduced the traditional fantasy sports player to Daily Fantasy Sports by striking a strategic marketing deal with FanDuel.

The coming regulation of fantasy sports will provide both challenges and opportunity for the industry. The FSTA will play a vital role in ensuring that fantasy sports emerges from this period with a regulatory framework that permits fantasy sports operators of all types and sizes to continue to innovate and grow. I am excited by the opportunity to bring my passion, energy, knowledge and experience to team FSTA.

Guy Lake
Product Director

I was raised in Massachusetts and grew up a fan of the Pats, Sox, Bruins and Celtics.I was an avid reader of the Globe’s sports section, especially the box scores and anything by Peter Gammons. I am lucky enough to have been able to extend my childhood passion for sports and sports stats into a day job as the head of fantasy at Yahoo Sports. And it was luck.

Like most of us, I started in fantasy as a player. I came across Matt Berry’s talentedmrroto.com on a Yahoo page back in 2004 and found an online community of crazy passion. I was hooked. Within a few months of ferocious posting I was asked to be a moderator. Soon thereafter, I became a writer for fantasy basketball for TMR and NBA.com. Baseball came next. When TMR sold to ESPN, I came aboard as one of the lead fantasy hoops writers.

As glam as all that was, writing fantasy didn’t pay the bills. By day I was a software product manager for a product I didn’t love. What I loved was fantasy and sports. So I left that job and joined a sports start-up, failed, and joined another and then landed at Yahoo, managing their salary cap games for the Citizen Sports team.From there, I assumed management of the full-season games. Today, I manage all of Yahoo’s fantasy games(full season, our pick em games, and daily fantasy).

This past summer I joined the FSTA after winning an election for a vacated seat. I joined at a tumultuous time as fantasy industry faced threats from a number of fronts. I quickly jumped in, helping with the design and direction of the fantasysportsforall site and working on the Membership and Conference committees. I love my work on the board. I see my role here as a defender of fantasy sports.

I am specifically interested in growing interest in our games and growing the industry so that small companies with big ideas can become mainstays in our industry. I want to see full season and daily fantasy flourish. As a representative of a large company who offers daily and full season games, I bring a unique perspective on the fantasy ecosystem to the board. For me it is never full season fantasy or daily fantasy it is full season <strong>and</strong> daily. It is free <strong>and</strong> paid games.

I have 12 years of experience working in Fantasy. I have seen the industry thrive as a player, as a moderator on an obscure site, as a writer for ESPN and eventually as someone helping to build the games we love.My seat on the FSTA and mywork at Yahoo Fantasy, are dream jobs. Ones that started with a random click on a blue text link many years ago. As a board member of the FSTA, I want more links and more dream jobs for others out there.

Timothy Lowry
DLA Piper LLP (US)

Tim is a Partner at DLA Piper and has deep experience on a variety of complex business transactions facing the gaming, lottery, entertainment, and hospitality industries. Through his transactional practice, Tim routinely assists clients relative to corporate acquisitions, formation, governance, executive employment agreements, intellectual property licensing, management agreements, real estate acquisitions and dispositions, and project finance.

Tim regularly represents state agencies and government units, real estate private equity sponsors and funds, publicly-traded companies, casino- and lottery-operating companies, energy generation companies, high net-worth investors, and Indian Tribes in all aspects of complex multi-party transactions. Aside from this corporate transactional practice, Timothy regularly advises his clients on such specific subject matters as casino regulatory compliance, iGaming compliance, sweepstakes and advertising promotions, horse-racing and pari-mutuel wagering, sports betting, money service businesses, credit card and electronic payment processing, and the convergence between bricks-and-mortar real estate development and internet platforms in the gaming and lottery sector. Tim has worked on a number of cross-border transactions including projects in Canada, the Bahamas, Mexico, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom.

And most recently, Tim has guided several private equity groups and such brands as Disney, ESPN, and Playboy through the complications and issues facing the Daily Fantasy Sports sector. Tim’s online bio may be found at the following hyperlink: https://www.dlapiper.com/en/us/people/l/lowry-timothy-j/

As noted above, Tim has a deep background in the regulated gambling and lottery sectors, and he is looking to bring those talents to the benefit of the emerging daily fantasy sports sector. Tim feels confident that DFS will be the bridge towards legalized sports betting in the future, and that such efforts should be owned relative free from casino ownership. Indeed, Timcontinues to argue for novel and innovative thinking in the gambling and lottery sectors, and his deal experience and speaking engagements reflect such.

Tim’s interest is to use his talents to assist the DFS sector navigate the often politically, morally, and operationally challenging environment.

Selene Parekh
Duke University
“Fantasy” Doctor, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgeon

Selene Parekh grew up in North Jersey. Son of immigrant parents, Gunvant and Bharati Parekh, Selene and his brother, Jai, were raised with traditional values.  Upon graduating from high school, Selene attended the 7 year medical program at Boston University. While in medical school, he realized that utility of a business education and became the creator and 1st graduate of the combined MB/MBA program at Boston University.

Dr. Parekh then completed his internship, residency, and a fellowship in foot and ankle surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.  His interest in entrepreneurship was fortified by a one-year Healthcare Entrepreneurship Fellowship at the Wharton School of Business. His experiences led to the development of the ¬ SBusiness of Orthopaedics¬ _ conference, the first of its kind in the United States. The course exposed orthopaedic surgeons to a breadth of topics, from practice management to product development and entrepreneurship, to personal financial management, to leadership and negotiations.

Upon completion of his training, Selene moved to the University of North Carolina, where he revived the foot and ankle division.  He also served as a consultant to the Tar Heels athletic program.  In 2009, Selene moved his practice to the North Carolina Orthopaedic Clinic and Duke University, where he is a Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery.  He is also an Adjunct Faculty member at Duke’s Fuqua Business School. He is integrally involved in the teaching of medical students, residents, and fellows.  His practice is focused on diseases and surgeries of the foot and ankle.

Dr. Parekh has been an active speaker at regional, national, and international meetings, helping to teach other orthopaedic surgeons about best practices and novel techniques for the care of foot and ankle patients.  He has published in numerous journals and has served as editor for a number of textbooks.

Dr. Parekh has been recognized as one of North Carolina¬ “!s Best Doctors every year since 2009.

Parekh Family Foundation

Eight  years ago, Dr. Parekh and his wife formed the Research Triangle Park Orthopaedic (RTPOS).  The RTPOS functions to foster education and camaraderie amongst the practicing orthopaedic surgeons in the community, the residents in training, and the fellows at Duke, UNC, and Wake Forest.  Key opinion leaders are invited on a monthly basis to teach orthopaedic surgeons in the RTP area about the latest trends and treatments in orthopaedic surgery.

In January of 2010, Dr. Parekh and his wife organized and established the Parekh Indo-US Foot and Ankle Meeting, which is held in India every January.  The meeting includes an international faculty who operate on indigent patients.

I am an orthopaedic surgeon who takes care of high level athletes at all levels. I was disappointed with the information in the lay press regarding injuries. For this reason, I became the “Fantasy Doctor”. My goal has been explain injuries and give Fantasy enthusiast an insight on the anatomy, treatment, surgery, and recovery of these injuries. Through videos, animations, and pictures, I have garnered an interest on social media for this content. I have been a guest on ESPN Radio, SiriusXM, new stories. I enjoy this increasing part of my career.

Stephane Perez
AlphaStreak Software Inc.
Chief Technical Officer

Result-driven Technology manager with over 16 years of software development and software teams management experience.

Known for his ability to architect, implement and execute software solutions to complex problems as well as integrate between various systems and platforms.

Graduated in 2000 from McGill University Mathematics and Computer Science  Bachelor of science program.

Throughout his career experience, Stephane gained knowledge and experience in various software development and technology verticals. Always looking to apply new technologies and paradigms to solve existing problems and come up with innovative solutions and productions.

Obviously, new technologies and innovative products in the |Gaming and IOT are of great interest.

Off-time includes playing and watching hockey and basketball and spending quality family time.

Rob Phythian
SportsHub Technologies, LLC

Rob was co-founder and CEO of SportsData, where he was responsible for the business leadership of the company, including corporate operations, business development and strategic partnerships. In 2013, SportsData was sold to Sportradar AG, an international data company headquartered in Switzerland. Rob stayed with the Company until August, 2015, where he acted as Chief Commercial Officer working on key league and customer relationships including Google, Turner Sports, NBC, CBS and the NFL.

Prior to Sportradar US, in the 1990s Rob co-founded Fanball.com, the largest pure play fantasy sports website on the Internet. In addition to building Fanball into the largest fantasy destination site, Rob struck several key third-party relationships for Fanball that included major deals with Turner Sports Interactive and AOL. Fanball also powered all of the fantasy games for NASCAR.com and PGATour

From 2004-2008, Rob was the co-founder and owner of the first weekly fantasy sports magazine, Fantasy Football Weekly. In just three years of publication, FFW grew to a circulation of over 500,000 and garnered one of the highest sell-through rates of all sports titles in the industry. Rob is an active Board Member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association and also a member of the Fantasy Sports Hall of Fame.

Prior to embarking on his career in sports, Rob was a CPA from 1987-2003 with McGladrey and Pullen in the tax department focusing on high net worth individuals

As a three decade Board participant, there is still a good deal of passion and interest in making the Fantasy Sports Industry the best it can be. During the next few years, I would plan to continue my role as Treasurer for the Trade Association and also work on the Executive Committee to ensure we are doing everything we can to help protect and grow the industry.

There still is a lot left to be done!

Frank Provenzano
FANSeye Sports Inc
Founder & CEO

I spent 17 years in NHL front office management with the Vancouver Canucks, Washington Capitals and most recently with the Dallas Stars where I served as Assistant General Manager from 2006 to 2013. As Assistant GM I was responsible for all aspects of the Hockey Operations department, particularly in the areas of player evaluation, contract negotiations and salary cap management.

I left the Stars in 2013 and began working in sports media, where I have been a regular contributor for ESPN.com, have appeared as a panelist at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics conference, and as a radio personality on Dallas’ 105.3 theFan, where I can be heard weekly as “the GM of DFW”.

I founded FANSeye Sports in 2014, and my goal is to use my background in player evaluation to create a fan engagement platform that produces one-stop information for fantasy game players.

I am interested in the areas of emergent technologies and research as they pertain to fantasy gaming and I believe there is opportunity to further the integration between fantasy and professional sports leagues/teams/players as the traditional league and DFS markets develop and mature.

From a qualifications standpoint, I spent 17 years in NHL front office management and I have personally negotiated over 500 NHL player contracts and been responsible for overseeing annual operating budgets of between $70 million to $90 million. I am an accomplished public speaker, have founded my own sports startup company, and I am also a consultant to the e15 Group, a sports analytics company based in Chicago.

Michael Puscar
Betiply LLC

Michael is an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist who built his career in assisting early-stage companies to develop innovative products and bring them quickly to market. A product of the 1990’s technology startup boom, Michael has been bootstrapping and investing in young businesses for more than 20 years.

Early Years

In 1996, Puscar joined Josh Kopelman and Marvin Weinberg at Infonautics Corporation, where he obtained two patents for pioneering research in semantic web technology and the delivery of real-time news updates. Puscar left Infonautics at the end of 2000 to continue his work with semantic web technology, joining Intellisophic in 2001 and later Really Strategies in 2005. At Really Strategies, Michael was the original architect of the RSuite CMS, the first content management system designed for publishers.

Yuxi Pacific

In 2007, Puscar was instrumental in the launch Yuxi Pacific, a cutting edge professional services firm based in Philadelphia focused on the creation of digital products for the publishing industry. With the launch in April 2010 of the iPad, the firm began to grow quickly, expanding operations to Shanghai, China in June 2010 and Medellin, Colombia in June 2011. During his time at Yuxi Pacific, Puscar continued to invest in other ventures, including Philadelphia area startup LiftDNA, which was acquired 15 months after initial investment by OpenX, and Colombia based Lex Paradigm, which was acquired within 24 months.

On June 19 2013, Yuxi Pacific was acquired by Blue Loop Capital and Puscar resigned his post with the company.

Current Projects

In the two years since his exit from Yuxi Pacific, Michael Puscar has served as Managing Director of GITP Ventures’s Emerging Market High Tech Fund, an early-stage Latin American investment fund that invests in dynamic, scalable companies with an international focus. He also serves as a board member and advisor to several technology software startups, and is the chairman of a non-profit organization dedicated to improving education through the donation of hardware and software to schools throughout the world.

In June 2015, Puscar embarked on his latest venture, Betiply, along with co-founder Robert Reisenweber. The company is backed by GITP Ventures along with a prominent group of Philadelphia-area investors. It is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2016.

Puscar lives between Estero, Florida and Rionegro, Colombia and is active in promoting Latin America as a favorable destination for investment. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences on topics ranging from emerging technology to macroeconomics. Prior speaking venues have including O’Reilly Tools of Change, the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Founder Institute, the Latin American Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (LAVCA) and MarkLogic World. He has been interviewed by prestigious news organizations worldwide including Forbes Magazine, the Financial Times, Tech Crunch, NBC News, CBS Marketwatch, TeleMedellin, Colmundo Radio and more.

I think Michael would be a strong value add to the Research Committee. With the challenges facing the industry, someone with a strong data-driven analytics background is needed to help address critical issues. His background is in Big Data, in which he currently holds two patents.

Web-based customized information retrieval and delivery method and system.

United States 10/664,175
Issued September 17, 2003.

A web-based multi-user system and method for identifying, retrieving, and delivering information corresponding to items contained in a user search list from two or more information sources on the World Wide Web (WWW) is provided. The system includes a central server that periodically searches the information sources on the WWW for information corresponding to the items contained in the user search list. The central server retrieves the information onto a storage database where a determination is made as to whether the information is current. The central server electronically delivers only the current information to the user. The system and method therefore provides to the user automatic and periodic electronic reports containing only current or updated information corresponding to items contained in the user search list that the user desires to track.

System and method for providing news updates

United States 6959295
IssuedOctober 25, 2005

A system and method for providing news relating to a specified subject to a subscriber, wherein a plurality of Web sites relating to a category to which the specified subject relates is selected, the relevancy of at least one Web page in each selected Web site is determined by scanning for words relating to the specified subject, the content type of at least one Web page in each selected Web site is determined by scanning for words indicating content type, a list of relevant Web pages is compiled based on the determinations of relevancy and content type, and the compiled list is provided to the subscriber.

Shafin Diamond Tejani
Fantasy 6 Sports & Victory Square Labs

Shafin launched his first company, an online dating website, from his university dorm room at the age of 19. Since then, he’s launched over 40 start-ups, in 21 different countries, employed over 350 people, and generated over $100M in sales.

His most recent success, Victory Square Labs (VSL), is a venture builder that builds start-ups in the web, mobile, gaming and film spaces. With a special focus on funding socially responsible companies, international start-ups and female founders.

Shafin has received numerous awards, with the most recent acknowledgements being: Prime Minister’s Volunteer Award 2015, National EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Special Citation recipient for Advancing Entrepreneurship 2015, Ernst & Young Technology Entrepreneur of the Year 2015, Startup Canada Award for Entrepreneur Support, Canadian Angel Investor of the Year 2015, BC Angel Investor of the Year 2014, BIV’s Top Forty Under 40, INC 500 fastest growing companies in the US and SBBC Best Company in BC.

Outside of his entrepreneurial work, Shafin has contributed significant time to charity and community work. He believes that companies have a responsibility to “give back” to society. This focus includes contributions of time, knowledge and money, a duty to provide environmentally friendly products and services, and a desire to improve the lives of individuals here in BC and around the globe. This socially responsible “consciousness” permeates everything VSL does.

Through this model of venture philanthropy, VSL contributes 12.5 percent of company proceeds and encourages employees to invest 40 hours per month of their time and professional expertise in local non-profits to strengthen these organizations and scale their impact. Shafin has actively recruited a network of entrepreneurs, professionals, volunteers and community leaders to create a local network of partners uniting passion and purpose. In B.C., their mission is focused on strengthening the organizational capacity of non-profits serving children in need and youth at risk. Shafin’s vision is to ensure more children and youth reach their full potential.

Since its inception, Shafin and his team have donated 7500 volunteer hours, helped raise over $75 million for school programs and community organizations, and awarded over $250,000 in scholarships.

Shafin is also a board member of Social Venture Partners, where he and the VSL team donate their time, knowledge and financial resources to not-for-profit organizations. This includes, but is not limited to: BC Children’s Hospital, Canadian Breast Cancer Society, The Kidsafe Project Society, Athletics 4 Kids, Children’s Wish, Growing Chefs, Futurpreneur, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, Pratham Education Foundation, Room To Read, Focus Humanitarian Assistance and the World Partnership Walk and Launch Academy.

In the past year alone, these partnerships have provided support, safety, programming and nutritious meals for over 450 vulnerable children, granted the favorite wish of 10 children diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, given 800 disadvantaged youth access to organized amateur sports, and taught children, parents and community members about healthy foods and healthy food systems in over 34 different schools across BC.

Interests: Sports, Technology, Gaming, Philanthropy, Social Equality, Travel, Entertainment, Education, Film, Music, Entrepreneurship.

Digger Turnbull
XML Team Solutions, LLC
Director, Business Development


  • Founded Fantasy Sports Services, Inc. in 1989
  • Radio: Weekly show on FAN590 (1992 – 2005)
  • Television: Weekly segments TSN, The Score, Global (1995 – 2008)
  • Newspaper: Bi-weekly column Globe and Mail (1998 – 2003)
  • Magazine: The Sports Forecaster (1994 – present)

An active participant at FSTA shows for many years, I have been privileged to work full-time in fantasy sports since 1989. Labors of love have included:

  • Creating / developing games & concepts (B2C & B2B)
  • Providing sports data, images and other content to fantasy companies
  • Publishing league preview magazines
  • Hosting weekly fantasy sports radio & TV shows
  • Writing fantasy columns for newspapers & online</li>

I live in Canada (Toronto) where the fantasy sports industry continues to expand its footprint.

Kevin Vela
Vela Wood PC
Managing Partner

Kevin Vela is a founding partner at Vela | Wood P.C. He focuses his practice in the areas of startups, corporate law, capital raises, investment funds, and real estate investment activities.Kevin serves as general counsel for a number of small and mid-sized businesses, providing representation for business transactions, as well as day-to-day guidance on legal and operational issues. Kevin regularly advises on corporate governance matters, private fund formations and M&A activities. In recent years, he has represented both startups and investors in over $50M in seed, angel and venture rounds. Kevin speaks, reads and writes fluent Spanish, and is able to provide bilingual representation on request. He is active in the legal and business community, and regularly writes about startup and small business issues in the VW blog. Kevin was named a 2014, 2015, and 2016 Super Lawyers Rising Star, was honored as a Best Corporate Attorney in Dallas for 2016 by D Magazine, and isa Texas Bar Foundation Fellow, an honor granted to 1/3 of 1% of Texas attorneys.

DFS has quickly become a target focus for my firm. Besides my general corporate and startup experience (we’ve facilitated nearly 150 early stage deals in the past 3 years), we are developing a real expertise in DFS and season-long fantasy contests. We currently represent five companies in the industry, and moreover, we represent a handful more in related industries (amusement games and gaming in virtual games) and are well-versed in the space.

I’ve been a member for three (or four?) years now, and have enjoyed meeting our other members and partners at the conferences. I would love to get more directly involved in the pitch competition (I judge or facilitate 5-10 of these per year), and would also love to lend my startup expertise to our member companies.

I’m very passionate about this industry, both as a professional and participant, and would love an opportunity to give back.

Rick Wolf
Full Moon Sports Solutions

Rick Wolf is a founding Board Member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), a non-profit organization with the mission of raising awareness worldwide for Fantasy Sports. From March 2002 to July 2006 he served as FSTA Chairman. In 2011, Wolf was inducted to the FSTA Hall of Fame. He is currentlyChairman of the Membership committee.

Wolf is the Founder of Full Moon Sports Solutions, a company dedicated to delivering solutions to sports companies with a specialty in Fantasy Sports. Full Moon had great partnerships including Fantasy Alarm, Futures Fantasy Baseball and Head2Head Sports.

Wolf is the President of FA Media LLC. In his role there, he is leading the company operationally to create entertaining and informative content for the fantasy sports industry.

From 2006-2011, Wolf was Director of Business Development for NBC Sports Digital. In this role, he focused on creating partnerships that expanded the digital sports businesses of NBC, including NBCSports.com, Rotoworld.com and NBCOlympics.com during a period of unprecedented growth.

Prior to that, Wolf was EVP of Strategic Partnerships for Allstar Stats (Rotoworld). Wolf created partnerships including USA Today, FOX Sports, NHL, MLB, CBS Sports, MAXIM and Head2Head Sports. Wolf defined a business model that balanced B2B services with B2C premium products & free content allowing Allstar Stats to grow into a favorable acquisition target. In August 2006, NBC Universal purchased Allstar Stats (Rotoworld) and Sandbox.com.

In early 1995, Wolf was the 13th employee at SportsLine USA which later became CBS SportsLine after a November 1997 public offering. In 1997, Wolf designed a plan for the consolidation of the Fantasy Industry under the CBS SportsLine brand. In 1998, Wolf created the partnership with Commissioner.com that led to building the best fantasy sports suite on the Internet and spearheaded relationships with both MLB and NFL for official Fantasy Products legitimizing the hobby with mainstream America.

From 1987-1995, Wolf was part of the technology team at IBM’s PRODIGY that produced Baseball Manager, the first online fantasy baseball game.

Wolf and college friend Glenn Colton have won three USA Today LABR American League titles, one TOUT Wars American League title, one FSTA Fantasy Baseball title and four FSTA Fantasy Football titles in the last 14 years. Wolf also co-hosts a popular weekly radio show on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio called Colton and The Wolfman.

Rick Wolf is a current and founding board member of the FSTA. In his current role, he leads or is part of three committees including Membership, Web and Awards. He has dedicated his life to fantasy sports as a player, writer, executive, mentor, confidant and consultant. Wolf is proud to have given advice and helped many entrepreneur and leaders in the sports and fantasy sports space and looks forward to continuing his life’s work as a board member of the organization that he was a founding board member for.

Melvin Wong
Sports Perfecta Inc. a.k.a FanXT
Chief Operating Officer


  • Sold FanXT (www.fanxt.com), a fantasy sports startup to Sports Perfecta Inc. in Jan 2016. Currently working as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Sports Perfecta in Los Angeles
  • Secured fantasy sport partnerships with Finland Veikkausliiga League, Hong Kong Premier League, India I-League, Singapore S.League, Malaysia Super League and Philippines United Football League
  • Country representative in Global Entrepreneurship Week event in the White House in U.S (2012)
  • Global business experience in 14 countries – U.S, U.K, Finland, France, Australia, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Brazil
  • Country representative in Global Entrepreneurship Week event in the White House in U.S (2012)
  • Country representative for entrepreneurship programme, hosted by U.S State Department (2012)
  • Speaker at Global Entrepreneurship Summit, officiated by President Obama in Malaysia (2013)
  • Winner of Make The Pitch business reality TV show in Malaysia (2012)
  • Speaker for iGaming Congress in Macau (2012)
  • Trainer for SingTel telecommunications company in Singapore (2009)
  • Trainer of Build Your eCommerce Website in 8 Hoursť business course
  • Mentor for Malaysia Developers’‹ Day hackathon with AT&T (U.S) in Malaysia (2013, 2014, 2015
  • Judge and mentor for D3 mobile apps hackathon (2014)
  • Mentor and judge at Appster Boss hackathon (2015)
  • Over 1,000 answers on Quora.com

What I can contribute to FSTA

  • Offer a global perspective on fantasy sports, beyond U.S
  • Knowledge in expanding fantasy sports business into countries outside of U.S.
  • Knowledge in niche fantasy sports like soccer, sumo, horse racing, cricket, rugby, Formula 1


My complete qualifications and interests are here.